Site Updates Incoming!

I haven't really done much with the domain. Originally, I wanted to try my hand at more blogging and long-form written content but nothing I've written has felt worthy of putting out there into the world. I've got like 20 draft posts, but nothing aside from that first post.

Anywhos, this is all to say that I've been really missing having a computer thing to fiddle with so I'm rebooting the site to be more than just a blog. Soon there will be random web-toys, a portfolio, etc all available from For now, I've just got it set up to redirect to the blog, but there will soon be things!

Exciting things!

Things that do stuff!

Stay tuned...

Ariana is a disabled, queer, non-binary trans woman who lives and works from Treaty 4 land. When not writing you can often find her obsessing over Star Trek, making electronic music and collecting all kinds of music, or resting with her cats and a warm cup of coffee.

She writes about the things that excite her, including but not limited to disability and ableism, music production, her adventures in learning new art forms, and queer and trans activism and advocacy.