uwu who's this

Hi dad I’m gay! Wait…

Hi! I’m Ari! I’m a 28 year old disabled queer and nonbinary trans woman based in Treaty 4 territory. I do a lot of things, from making music which you can find on my bandcamp, to local queer advocacy and activism! One night I might be working on fiddling with photo editing, the next I might be working on a random software project.

I write about transness and gender diversity, equity, disability and ableism, and a host of other topics. I spend so much of my time working around my own disabilities as well as the other challenges of queer and trans life that I just need a place to put them down sometimes. I hope to contribute back to the host of communities I call home with my own findings and coping mechanisms, as well as put a highlight on the unique beauty of life while ood.